How Labor Law Lawyers Work to Support Labor Unions and The Employees They Represent

Instead of working specifically for employers or employees, many labor law lawyers choose to work with unions in all areas of civil litigation and/or collective bargaining. Today, labor unions are a respected and important force in our society; these attorneys work to ensure that the rights of members of unions, whether organized or unorganized, are upheld and protected. When it becomes necessary, labor lawyers will carry forth with litigation.

Why labor unions may need the support, advice and expertise of an attorney

While most employers follow the policies set forth for employees in contracts and other legal aspects of employment, some occasionally do not.

An employer may breach a labor contract or violate state labor laws. When an employees guaranteed rights in labor contracts are violated, an attorney will work to resolve the dispute on behalf of the union members. In essence, labor unions are spokespersons for millions of workers in the United States, and they engage in a continuous struggle to help improve the conditions in which employees work, fighting for fairness and justice.

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Areas in which labor law lawyers often concentrate their efforts

In regards to labor unions, labor attorneys often represent unions before state labor boards as well as the NRLB or National Labor Relations Board. Some of the areas that these professionals choose to work in include grievance arbitrations, collective bargaining, suits to enforce or defend arbitration awards, lawsuits to enforce collective bargaining agreements and litigation when necessary in wide array of labor union issues.

Typically, labor law lawyers who work to maintain good relationships between management and unions are trained in many aspects of employee/employer relations, contracts, violations, arbitration, etc. An attorney who is skilled in these areas may represent labor unions both at the local and national level in regards to unfair labor practices, wage and hour laws, disputes, union relations and the applications of laws such as the FLSA or Fair Labor Standards Act.

A compassionate attorney trained in labor laws as they pertain to unions strive to make a positive difference in the working conditions and lives of employees. Labor law is a vast area of the law that encompasses the relationships between unions, their members and employers to ensure that all parties are treated just and fairly.
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